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Score your leads so you can filter out the Cold ones from the HOT!

Real Database Pro uses behavioral analytics to build a SMART Database

Real Database Pro

Database Consolidation

Putting it all together​

  • Consolidation
  • CRM, Automation, API
  • Aggregation

SCORE HOT Leads, API Integration

Getting it right

  • Data Detox
  • Data Ranking
  • Data Ranking

Database Aggregation

Staying Top of mind

  • Automated Follow up
  • Texts & Email Campaigns
  • Seller Education Videos
An Account Manager Will Be Your Extra Hands for Setup, Support and Consultation 

Add any of these enhanced services to your core Real Database Pro platform to dominate your market:

Convert leads to cash!

ISA Team

Professional, effective, US-based sales team working for you.

Live Transfers, Appointments, Verified Leads

We connect you with the sellers, you close the deals!

Unlimited Touches on Old and New Leads

Stay top-of-mind, sellers will pick you when they’re ready to make a move.

You’ve got to feed the beast!

Facebook Campaign Manager

Campaign set up and management saves you time.

Facebook Ad Creation

We deploy targeted ads in your area so that your marketing dollars are spent only on prospects that matter to you. We help you generate LEADS…phone numbers and email addresses you can contact.

Facebook Conversion Bot

Respond to prospects quickly so you help ensure they work with you and not your competition. Pre-qualifies leads so you only work the best opportunities.

Engage your contacts.

Listing Promotions

Target posts and ads to your core demographics.

Social Media Posts

Build your brand and build your authority.

Direct to Voicemail

Save time. Stay personal. Get responses.

Stay sharp, stay ahead!

Mastery Course

Leverage our comprehensive video training library to build a rock star sales team that gets results.

Prospecting Playbook

Prospecting doesn’t have to be a pain — and it doesn’t have to be annoying for your prospects. Put these strategies into your workflow, and get better prospecting and better results.

Marketing Coach

Discover proven and powerful marketing strategies that hundreds of successful real estate agents are using right now to get more luxury listings, pre-qualified buyers, and take home massive commissions!

Let's build something great together