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Use artificial intelligence to improve lead conversion rate

Today’s real estate agents face enormous obstacles to maintain a consistent revenue stream — market dynamics and growing competition from other agents and digital alternatives are a constant threat. RAP Success Systems (RAPSS) simplifies and reduces the agent’s workload, providing immediate access to essential database management resources. With all the technology choices out there, it’s…

Putting Data To Work For You! Featuring: Cole Realty Resource

Cole Realty Resource RAP Success Systems and Cole Realty Resource, two progressive real estate technology companies, join forces to help agents overcome one of the biggest challenges in the industry. “I can’t change the direction of the wind, but I can adjust my sails to always reach my…

Objection Handling & The Power of Follow-Up: Mastermind Session Featuring Tim Green and Pat Fenton

Mastermind Session Featuring Tim Green and Pat Fenton Pat Fenton, real estate coach and Tim Green, top listing agent share insights on creating a winning system. Patrick Fenton, speaker, coach, and mentor has been in the real estate industry for 18 years. Pat has presented live at over…

You’ve made it to the top, but your work isn’t done. Here’s what you need.

You’ve made it to the top, but your work isn’t done. Here’s what you need.

Being the top agent in your market means building a practice that is not just okay or average. It means building a business that surpasses all the norms. Doing that means going beyond what the ordinary agent would do. Top agents stay on top by effectively managing productivity, innovation, infrastructure, and marketing.​

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“$100k in 90 Days” - Lead Generation and Lead Conversion

In the latest video from the “$100k in 90 Days” series, Patrick Fenton talks about lead generation and lead conversion. This post pulls out the first key points Pat shares.

modeling real estate success

Modeling Real Estate Success; this is how you can do it too!

If you’ve been following the “$100k in 90 Days” coaching series hosted by Patrick Fenton, then you’re already among the exclusive class of real estate agents who do what it takes to position themselves as leaders in their market. This post shares what Pat covered in one of the most recent episodes. Here’s what he said:

Understanding Your Mind

Crush It Event staff, organizers of a leading industry event series for real estate agents and brokers, is pleased to announce that they have finalized the agenda for the upcoming season. The first event is scheduled to take place on November 21, 2019, in Denver, at the Denver Marriott Tech Center. For registration information, visit http://www.crushitevent.com. The first 100 registrants will have their registration costs waived.