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Discover MILLIONS of Dollars in Hidden Real Estate Commissions From Your Contact List

Hi, I’m REN.

I work in the background of your business every day, tracking your leads. When there's a change, I use my lead scoring system to let you know. I can also have automated conversations with your leads, then you can hire some of my ISA friends at RAP Success Systems to help you convert the leads when I tell you they might be ready. I get better the more you use me, helping you find better ways to earn more while spending less money and time doing it.

Every aspect of real estate marketing is entirely useless until it converts leads.

You're not in business for more real estate leads, you're in it for more homeseller
and homebuyer clients and real estate listings.

Then, you'll be ready to take it to the next level with these PRO add-on real estate marketing services:

This ranking system allows agents to spend their marketing dollars and prospecting time on cost-effective, revenue-generating activities, with the “hottest leads.

AI Chat Bots combined with highly trained, U.S.-based inside sales associates (ISA’s) at RAPSS, start engaging with the leads and continue to follow up until they turn into appointments. The automated lead follow-ups and ISA resources provide scalable and unlimited touches until the leads are either converted or dead.
Lead Gen Pro is a service solution from RAPSS that helps agents identify their target opportunities and generate home buyer and seller leads. Lead Gen Pro not only uses Social Media and Online Industry platforms but also has built-in AI technology.

This interactive platform gives agents and their brokerage access to information, training, live streams, webinars, in a single platform. Participants and their team get advance notice and preferred or free seating at coaching events hosted by RAPSS.

Changing The Lives of Real Estate Sales Professionals

Join an Elite Group of Real Estate Practice Builders who are using REN and RAPSS services to achieve their goals.
of leads Ranked
Appointments generated
$$ in closings over 5 yrs
Billions of dollars moved over 5 years

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Join us to learn more about The Ultimate Listing Machine Sales and Marketing System and how it integrates with RAP Success Systems Technology.

Come visit us in person as we give a step-by-step break down on how to cash in on your database, generate new listings, and build a powerful brand.
Crush It events are free events offered by RAPSS and local sponsors to share proven sales and marketing strategies.

Conversion Con Live This annual event will help charge up the next 12 months. The best influencers, marketers and mega agents all get together and share new ideas.


Weekly Workshops

Join Us to Learn More about The Ultimate Listing Machine Sales and Marketing System and How it Integrates with Rap Success System Technology.

Monthly Sales and Marketing Workshop​

Come meet us in person as we break down step by step how to cash in on your database, generate new listings and build a powerful brand.

NationWide City Tour​

Crush It events are free events offered by RAPSS and local sponsors share sales and marketing strategies.

Yearly Events

Conversion Con live This annual event will get you your year started the right way. The best influencers, marketers and Mega agents all get together and share new ideas.

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